GÖLZ BattPak

GÖLZ BattPakSeries 

Energy is playing an increasingly important role in our everyday lives. Gone are the days when electricity only came from the socket. Instead, energy consumption is becoming increasingly mobile - and our BattPak 5048 is right at the centre of it. With 5 kW of continuous output power and 4.8 kWh of expandable capacity, this offers enough power to continuously supply even power-hungry devices such as large panel lights or large chisel hammers with electricity. Without the noise and exhaust fumes of combustion engines, our mobile energy storage system is the perfect alternative. Not only operation is quiet, but charging the storage unit with photovoltaic modules also is completely emission-free. In combination with our work and large-area luminaires, the BattPak 5048 is perfect for professional, high-performance and long-term use. Whether on construction sites, in industry, on film sets or at events, it covers every need.

Order Number Luminaire Beam Angle Luminous flux System power Voltage
GO-BP5048 GO-BP5048