Fire brigade

Light saves lives!

When it comes to fighting fires, dealing with accidents or running rescue operations, an alarm can sound any time of day and at any location. And night time operations demand a great deal from first responders. When organising an operation, the lighting at the site is vitally important. This is not just important for first responders, but also for the other emergency personnel to ensure an accident-free operation. This is not just the case for alarms at night. This also includes operations in buildings with insufficient lighting or the required maintenance of rescue equipment. 

SONLUX offers a wide selection of luninaires for various application and illumination scenarios.

Lights in use

Pictures say more than a thousand words ....
The Grafenstein Volunteer Fire Brigade uses the wide range of modern LED lights from SONLUX during their night time operations - the rescue of injured persons from rough terrain.

The right product for any operation


A 360° light, horizontal light distribution, effective 44,000 lumen luminous flux as well as floor or stand options make our POWERTUBE II a mobile, universal luminaire and an essential tool for any rescue operation.

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With a luminous flux of more than 50,000 lumen and quick stand installation, our POWERDISK is perfect for the illumination of large areas, e.g. during accident and rescue operations.

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Immediately ready for use, when every second counts! Thanks to its unique case design, this large surface luminaire is not only extremely compact, but also can be set up directly on the ground. This gives first responders a quick, powerful, 102,200 lumen light in daylight colour before a stand, turntable ladder or crane can even be set up.

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Tube lights

Each operation has its unknown elements - no alarm call is like the other. That's why we offer our protective tube luminaires with versatile operation and installation options - from 1,200 to 6,600 lumen, with lengths from 500 to 1600 mm, with strap or magnetic holding - exactly the right option to conform to the individual situation on site.

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No power generator available, no power outlets nearby? Our work light with an integrated battery is not only compact and durable, but can also provide light for up to 8 hours at any remote operation site.

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Our battery-operated hand lamps help to ensure safe operations in any situation. Lots of light and a great deal of flexibility, it can be dimmed or used as a powerbank, it offers so many application options. It practical handling is a joy unto itself.

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Whether used as a torch for inspections, attached to the helmet or used as a light cone or light headlamp - Suprabeam provides a high-quality programme range for any application.

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