Top-class OEM support

SONLUX: an OEM for all sectors

As a recognized OEM, we make products and components for prominent companies.

One of the most important factors here is the plastic manufacturing process and in particular the fully automatic production of themoplastics. We can make products to your exact specifications, including bulky lighting fixtures that are manufactured using the vacuum forming method, and can incorporate metallized surface coatings or multicolor tampon printing into the process, regardless of the size of the production run. Thanks to our two-component injection moulding process for thermal production, even the most complex plastic products can be realized.

The fact that our products offer excellent value for money often enables our customers to gain a significant competitive advantage. And our advanced manufacturing and automation technologies, plus the fact that we have our own logistics center and a certified quality management system, are your guarantee of impeccable performance and reliability; for thanks to these amenities, our customers benefit from optimally short production times, on time deliveries, and across the board “Made in Germany” quality. And this holds true for all of our products, whether they be individual components or specific complete products.