Our protective tube light series is so universally applicable that probably everyone can discover an application for himself.

On the one hand, there is the version equipped with an impact-resistant and break-proof protective tube. Especially in the mobile area it is suitable for the illumination of tents, construction sites or assembly lines. Equipped with additional protective protectors, it can be easily linked with a socket to form a chain of lights. Extensive accessories make the assembly thereby completely simple. Whether adjustable webbing with snap hooks, an expander rubber or magnets for fastening, everything ensures an easy and quick installation of the lights.

But also a fixed mounting is possible. Whether on a wall or ceiling, at a workstation or a machine, the homogeneous, wide-beam and yet glare-reduced illumination ensures their safety at the workplace. Fastened with plastic mounting clamps, the luminaire can be rotated in these and thus the light direction can be selected between direct or indirect illumination.

In the version with PMMA protective tube and permanently installed connecting cable, the luminaires are resistant to ammonia and suitable for permanent use in stables. They can also be ordered in a dimmable version.

For additional safety, the protective tube luminaire is available with an emergency light function. In the event of a power failure, it provides safe lighting instead of complete darkness for up to two hours thanks to an integrated rechargeable battery with reduced luminous flux.


    • All luminaires optionally with polycarbonate, PMMA or borosilicate glass protection tube.
    • High type of protection up to IP 67
    • Uniform, soft and glare-reduced illumination thanks to multi-LED technology and opal protective tube.
    • Through accessories (optional) suitable for wall, ceiling and pendant mounting, for mobile use or fixed mounting.
    • Available with socket outlet or through-wiring.
    • With emergency light function in case of power failure for up to two hours.