Turns night into day – a mobile masterpiece

It's the perfect choice whenever you need even and powerful lighting quickly: the POWERDISK made by SONLUX. Equipped with the very latest LED technology including passive cooling, this wide area luminaire is a mobile masterpiece; because it combines maximum light output and mobility with superbly simple handling and outstanding robustness.


The POWERDISK provides a remarkable 52,000 lumen of actually available luminous flux to powerfully and safely illuminate building and assembly sites or sports and leisure events, or to aid rescue and emergency operations. The luminaire cover made of shockproof polycarbonate ensures optimum and low-glare distribution of the light at all times. At the same time, the lightweight and aerodynamic design of the luminaire body minimises the wind load – regardless of whether the POWERDISK is perched on a DIN stand or suspended.


Thanks to the intelligent one-man assembly concept, the luminaire is quick and easy to put together, and is immediately ready for use. Since there is no need to wait for it to cool down after operation, it can be rapidly dismantled or moved if suddenly needed elsewhere. The grips on the outside ensure easy handling in any circumstances. The luminaire can be transported and stored in the bag designed specifically for the purpose.


The POWERDISK made by SONLUX gives demanding users a mobile wide area luminaire whose top quality materials and LED technology are designed right down to the very last detail to last, perform reliably, and require no maintenance – and to produce an emphatically powerful, professional and extremely versatile lighting tool.


    • High protection type IP65
    • On/Off and continuously dimmable via push-button
    • Anti-glare illumination thanks to opal cover
    • Low wind load
    • Quick one-man installation
    • Maintenance-free (passive cooling)