With simple yet award-winning design, our BASE DOME dome luminaire quickly finds enthusiastic users who appreciate its universal properties.

On the one hand, there is its robustness. Both the housing and the hood are made of impact-resistant plastic (polycarbonate). In addition, a 5-meter long rubber hose line (H07RN-F) was installed as a supply line.

The light emission is uniform, wide-spread and harmonious. The multi-LED technology in conjunction with the opal hood ensures glare reduction.

The BASE DOME can be used as a dome luminaire suspended from a stainless steel bracket, standing on the floor or hanging on the wall. Mounting on a tripod or by means of a magnetic holder is also possible thanks to suitable accessories (optional).

The luminaire can be ordered with or without a socket. A socket extends the application possibilities to the construction of a chain of lights or the use of other consumers.


    • Can be used as a pendant luminaire, hanging on the wall or standing on the floor.
    • Housing impact-resistant and break-proof (polycarbonate).
    • High degree of protection up to IP65
    • Anti-glare illumination thanks to opal cover
    • Folding hook made of stainless steel.
    • Available with or without socket outlet.
    • Heavy rubber power supply cable H07RN-F for high mechanical loads with mains plug.