Protective tube plastic (polycarbonate, satin), edge protection silicone rubber, housing cover and base aluminium, toogle switch (off/50/100%), power supply cable H07RN-F black with mains plug, incl. carrier bag

Order Number Luminaire flux Voltage Socket outlets Connector systems Luminaire Beam Angle Luminaire luminous flux System power
73P63060-0006.E 73P63060-0006.E 19,100 lm 42 V AC CEE 42VAC 20,700 lm 200 W
73P53050-0006.E 73P53050-0006.E 19,100 lm 24 V AC CEE 24VAC 20,300 lm 200 W
73P030CH-0006 73P030CH-0006 41,500 lm 230 V AC Typ 11 (SEV 1011) 44,000 lm 400 W
73P03001-0006 73P03001-0006 41,500 lm 230 V AC Typ E+F, Schuko IP68 (CEE 7/7) 44,000 lm 400 W
73P03000-0006 73P03000-0006 41,500 lm 230 V AC E+F, Konturenst. (CEE 7/17) 44,000 lm 400 W