And it has "clicked". Powerful as usual and universal as never before.

The latest "powerhouse" GLADIATOR SL I B18V from SONLUX with professional Bosch battery power is once again considered exemplary in the illumination of harsh working environments. By connecting the Bosch "Professional 18V" interchangeable battery system already used in a wide range of professional tools, we make our latest innovation not only more mobile, but also free from the search for a power supply. The universal battery system also allows existing batteries and chargers to be used together for lighting. This saves time and makes work more efficient.
In addition, this new version of our work light brings all the familiar, unbeatable features. The large-area opal cover lens guarantees glare-free and harmonious illumination. In addition, the maximum luminous flux of 4,000 lumens can be finely adjusted via the dimming function, which can be set in five stages at power levels of 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100 percent. With phosphorescent elements, the control panel glows for a while in complete darkness, which in turn guarantees safe operation. The housing defies all mechanical stresses with its robust plastic and soft edge protection. The bracket for setting the optimum illumination is also used to connect a wide range of accessories for wall, tripod or magnetic mounting, which further extends the range of applications.

Compact, lightweight, robust and also highly mobile thanks to the universal Bosch interchangeable battery system.

Simply said: mobile lighting that's fun!

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