Tube lights FARM dimmable


The LED protective tube light series FARM was specially developed for the high environmental requirements in livestock stables. It is resistant to ammonia and possible to cleaning with a surface jet nozzle at a distance of only 10 cm. The luminaires are dimmable (DALI standard) and are supplied with a protective tube made of PMMA or borosilicate glass.

Order Number Voltage System Power Luminous Flux Socket outlets Length L Connector systems
68P500ED-0002.4K 68P500ED-0002.4K 7,400 lm 1,530 mm
68P400ED-0002.4K 68P400ED-0002.4K 45 W 5,900 lm 1,245 mm
68P300ED-0002.4K 68P300ED-0002.4K 4,400 lm 965 mm
68P200ED-0002.4K 68P200ED-0002.4K 2,900 lm 685 mm
68G500ED-0002.4K 68G500ED-0002.4K 7,240 lm 1,517 mm
68G400ED-0002.4K 68G400ED-0002.4K 5,880 lm 1,245 mm
68G300ED-0002.4K 68G300ED-0002.4K 4,330 lm 965 mm
68G200ED-0002.4K 68G200ED-0002.4K 2,860 lm 685 mm