Whether it’s for rescue and assistance operations or for securing a crime scene, building construction and civil engineering or for public events: the appropriate light is a vital requirement and a key factor for success. The POWERCASE large surface luminaire provides this critical light, in the best SONLUX way, with impressive power and efficiency – and amazingly even distribution with flawless daylight quality and a luminaire flux of up to 83,500 lumen. The case design, currently unique in this sector of lighting, ensures the incredibly rapid availability of this mobile light force. The handle ensures the POWERCASE is easy and quick to transport and that it can be positioned precisely and be operated when still in the transport position.

Order Number Luminaire flux Voltage Socket outlets Connector systems
80C010CH-0006.B 80C010CH-0006.B 83,500 lm 230 V Typ 12 (SEV 1011)
80C01006-0006.B 80C01006-0006.B 83,500 lm 230 V CEE-6h
80C01001-0006.B 80C01001-0006.B 83,500 lm 230 V Typ E+F, Schuko IP68 (CEE 7/7)
80C01000-0006.B 80C01000-0006.B 83,500 lm 230 V Typ E+F, Schuko (CEE 7/7)