POWERCASE L, the upgraded large-area luminaire in a unique suitcase design, now provides even more light with the same multifunctionality. During rescue and emergency operations or when securing the scene of a crime, on construction and civil engineering sites or at public events: proper lighting is a must, an absolute requirement and a success factor. POWERCASE L delivers this light in impeccable daylight quality with a spectacular luminous flux of 100,000 lumens.

Order Number Luminous flux Voltage Socket outlets Connector systems
80C040CH-0006 80C040CH-0006 100500 / 102200 lm 230 V Typ 12 (SEV 1011)
80C04006-0006 80C04006-0006 100500 / 102200 lm 230 V CEE-6h
80C04001-0006 80C04001-0006 100500 / 102200 lm 230 V Typ E+F, Schuko IP68 (CEE 7/7)
80C04000-0006 80C04000-0006 100500 / 102200 lm 230 V Typ E+F, Schuko (CEE 7/7)