IRONMAN AUSTRIA - SONLUX: Right in the middle instead of just being there!

Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria, on 19th September 2021, Europe's largest triathlon event took place, the IRONMAN AUSTRIA-KÄRNTEN.

Three thousand athletes from all over the world participated, with tens of thousands of spectators creating an indescribable sporting atmosphere at Austria's most popular bathing lake.
During all processes of planning and realisation, but also following up activities, highly qualified and absolutely reliable partners are essential.
SONLUX Lighting GmbH in collaboration with Droneberger Showtechnik GmbH and The Power Company have the necessary knowledge, comprehensive cutting-edge equipment and the technical and professional skills required, making IRONMAN AUSTRIA an unforgettable event.

Interview: Sabine Droneberger from Droneberger Showtechnik GmbH

What are your requirements for mobile, large-area lighting at an open-air event of this size?

The atmosphere and emotions in the spectator area are of great importance for the television and film recordings. It is therefore well appreciated to have these areas for spectators illuminated well.

Since Ironman Austria was broadcasted on TV, the lighting solution had to comply with a variety of regulations and standards, such as regulations regarding the maximum flicker level.  One challenge for open-air events is and will always be the weather, of course, so large-area lighting must work reliably in any weather conditions.

Why did the SONLUX-lamps convince you, even in these tricky weather conditions?

A storm with heavy rain was expected to break over the Wörthersee lake in the evening. We did already a research for high-quality, mobile large-area lighting solutions beforehand and purposely chose SONLUX lighting.

The SONLUX lamps perfectly work in combination with a power unit.

Thanks to its high IP protection, there wasn't a single instance where the lighting failed.

Furthermore the luminous power of the lighting was ideal, despite its low power consumption (watts).

Why would you recommend our lighting solutions to others?

Every project or event has different lighting requirements, and we think that SONLUX can manage any of these challenges.

How satisfied were you with SONLUX support on site?

There was a different requirement profile for every area, be it the start, the running track or the finish. Thanks to the concept designed by SONLUX support, we were able to offer and set up the ideal lighting solution. Everything was organised down to a tee, from delivery right through to dismantling of the mobile lighting solutions.

Thank you very much to the SONLUX team!

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We also would like to express our thanks for this great collaboration and are looking forward to working on many more projects together.

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