SONLUX ACHILLES MC - the best lighting solution for any job!

The new ACHILLES MC (multicolour) LED battery-operated hand lamps are robust, compact and light, and has a pleasant soft-touch surface.

The powerful, infinitely dimmable LED light (up to 350 lm; front LED) with outstanding colour rendering (CRI>96; front LED) enables optimum illumination even for demanding tasks. A 180o-adjustable bracket, strong built-in magnets and 360°-rotating fold-out hook easily enable flexible positioning of ACHILLES lamps where you are working. High-quality Li-ion batteries (3.7 V, up to 2,000 mAh) ensure up to 3 hours of powerful uniform illumination of the job site.  The built-in battery status indicators via LED display and the POWERBANK function on the ACHILLES MC maxi complete the outstanding properties of this range of lamps.

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